Most companies have all kinds of machinery that require the best fuel and lubricant for optimum performance. One of the most outstanding options in this regard is American Quality Lubricants, the ideal brand of industrial and automotive lubricants for your company.

This firm, created in the United States, is the main distributor of lubricants in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

A firm that belongs to American Petroleum and offers to all its industrial customers products of the highest quality and efficiency. The best way to keep your machinery working at its best for longer.

The best range of lubricants is American Quality Lubricants

One of the great advantages of relying on this brand of lubricants is to be able to enjoy a wide range of products for different sectors.

You have at your disposal oils and lubricants for vehicles, lubricants for heavy machinery and automatic transmissions, industrial oils, oils for agriculture, automotive fluids, etc. The widest selection of products of the highest quality.

The best range of lubricants is American Quality Lubricants

Lubricants for heavy machinery

Lubricants for heavy machinery have become one of the most demanded products of the American Quality Lubricants brand.

These lubricants are designed to meet all the warranty requirements of most diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers. All your machines will be able to operate at full performance and with the most adequate maintenance.

Lubricants for automatic transmissions

Lubricants for automatic transmissions are mainly used in cars and trucks. These lubricants provide everything you need to ensure that the friction elements of your machines last much longer.

You will enjoy excellent low-temperature fluidity to ensure the best possible transmission performance. One of the most important products in the American Quality Lubricants range of lubricants.

Delivery and distribution of lubricants and oils in Puerto Rico

Industrial oils

When we talk about industrial oils, we refer to those lubricants that are intended to reduce friction and wear of industrial machinery. In this case, all the industrial oils of this company comply with the different specifications of the manufacturers of industrial equipment.

The use of these oils is key for the optimal functioning of all machinery.

Agricultural oils

Finally, there is American Quality Lubricants’ agricultural oils. These include gear oils and lubricants, greases and other products dedicated to the maintenance of specialized bearings in the sector.

It also has products that are ideal for mixing pesticides and are often used in agricultural pest control.