A fleet card is a type of payment card that allows companies to manage the fuel expenses of the vehicles they own and operate by purchasing gasoline or diesel fuel from Gasolinera American’s network of service stations.

Unlike other payment methods, fleet cards are easy to use, allow you to control when, where, what and how much your drivers spend, and keep you on top of what is happening with your fleet.

This gives you more control over driver spending, tracking and managing fuel expenses across multiple vehicles and drivers so you can avoid surprises on your bill while becoming more efficient and smarter in the way you manage your company’s fuel expenses.

How does the fleet card work?

Unlike corporate credit cards that can be used for a wide range of expenses, the American Gasoline Corp. fleet card can only be used for diesel or gasoline expenses for company vehicles in the American Gasoline network of stations.

This fleet card will replace other payment methods when purchasing gasoline or diesel. However, while you may consume lubricants with the card, convenience store items may not be purchased.

Where can I use it?


Click on the map to be redirected to Google Maps and evaluate the locations.


1. American Algarrobo, Vega Baja
2. American Bajuras, Vega Alta
3. American Ave. Betances, Vega Alta
4. American Doraville, Dorado
5. American Campanilla, Toa Baja
6. American Candelaria, Toa Baja
7. American Toa Ville, Toa Baja
8. American Palo Seco, Cataño
9. American Guaraguao, Bayamón
10. American Piñas, Toa Alta


11. American Aguadilla #1
12. American Aguadilla #2
13. American Jobos, Isabela
14. American Pueblo, Isabela
15. American Balboa Mayagüez
16. American Post, Mayagüez


17. American Mercedita, Ponce
18. American Victoria, Ponce
19. American Jueyes, Salinas


Do you need a fleet card for your company?

Do you have a business that relies on motor vehicles on a day-to-day basis (e.g. transportation, courier, sales team, etc.)?

Do you have a large or small fleet?

Do you want to better track expenses, monitor fuel consumption, reduce costs and control your overall fuel budget?

Do you want to avoid the need to collect fuel receipts from employees?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then yes, your company will benefit from joining our fleet card program.

How do I get one?


Anyone and any business, small or large, can have your fleet card. You can call to complete our cash or credit applications and, once approved, you can start using your card.

Once we receive the credit application, we will do a proper investigation and if you qualify, the account will be set up. You will then receive your card, which you can use at any of the American Gasoline Corp. gas stations around the island.

Fleet Card Billing and Pre-Payment

It works in two ways, by credit or cash (pre-payment).


Similar to a credit card, you will receive weekly invoices with a detailed description of your fleet’s total fuel consumption to be paid by check, card or ACH.

Prepaid (cash)

Like debit cards, these prepaid fuel cards are rechargeable cards. You will select the number of cards needed for your fleet, then deposit money into the account. You will receive notifications when the prepaid balance gets low so you can increase the prepaid balance of the account again.


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