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First of all, we want to welcome you to American Petroleum. Before offering you services and products, we want to let you know that at American, your trust and loyalty mean everything to us, and we thank you for visiting our page. Our priority for the past 40 years has been and will continue to be serving our customers better and when they need us most. 
That’s why we’ve set up this welcome page to help you understand everything we can do for you and your business and the steps you can take to start receiving our service. If you’re like us and prefer to speak with someone directly, go to our contact page and call us.
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Every customer is different, and to provide the necessary information, let us know which category best describes your business.



Residential customers tend to order small volumes for generators in their homes.
It is essential that you ask yourself the following questions:


Each generator has a different storage capacity, and this is an important detail before requesting service from American Petroleum. We recommend you check your generator’s manual to find information on tank capacity.

There are both gasoline and diesel generators. In your generator’s manual, you can see details of which fuel your equipment uses.

Once you know the capacity of your generator’s tank, you must know how much product you need to fill it. Eg. If you know it’s half full and its capacity is 500 gallons, then you can request 250 gallons from American Petroleum.

It’s very important that you know how much product to order because orders that take less than 100 gallons of fuel could be charged a $100 transportation fee.

We have an extensive fleet of compact and very large trucks. Your residence probably has space limitations, so not all trucks can fit or get close to the generator. You must let us know if there are significant space limitations or if your neighborhood needs to allow large trucks. We will always bring the most compact trucks, but any detail you can share when requesting a product is greatly appreciated.

The truck uses a hose to dispatch the product to your generator. Sometimes, the truck cannot reach the generator due to location restrictions. If that is the case, it is vital that you have an idea of how many feet there are from your generator to where the truck could park. You can share that information with your account representative, who will inform the driver.

The generators are often located on the roofs or terraces on the second or third floors of the properties. In that case, the driver would have to access the generator using a ladder. Be ready to provide this ladder and instruct the driver on how to access it. Provide these details when placing an order.


Our diverse fleet includes smaller trucks that allow our drivers to reach even the narrowest locations or those requiring greater flexibility.
Once you call and request the service, one of our drivers will be assigned to these trucks with the footage of the hose needed and arrive at your residence to dispatch the fuel.
It is essential to consider that orders should be placed 24-48 hours in advance under normal circumstances and three days in advance in case of an emergency.


Get to know our small truck, or “Smurf.” This truck carries out residential deliveries or to narrower places where larger trucks cannot enter.
The truck has a meter to receive only what you need, operating like a gas/diesel station.


Click here to complete a digital application. It will reach our customer service department, and you will be assigned an account number and a salesperson whom you can contact whenever you need to place an order.

You can pay with cash, check, wire transfer/ACH, or “ATH móvil.” For more details, contact:

» Meet The Sales Team

Once a salesperson is assigned to you, you can contact them directly by email or phone call. The salesperson will provide the pricing for the service and assign you a spot on the daily routes, advising of an estimated delivery time.

» Meet the Sales Team 
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If you want to know more about the services we offer, click on the following links:
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Commercial, industrial, and government customers tend to require larger fuel volumes. They usually have storage tanks and require more frequent deliveries. For customers in this category, we have a greater offering. From bulk lubricant deliveries, fleet management cards, and rental equipment such as trucks or storage tanks, American is a “one-stop shop” to meet all your fuel needs.
Finally, customers in this category are offered a credit line option if they meet the requirements, making their purchasing process more convenient.


One of the great benefits that American Petroleum offers to commercial, industrial, and government customers is the different types of delivery that make the service very convenient.
From deliveries to generators, storage tanks, or directly to fleets, we can supply the fuel exactly where you need it.


In addition, thanks to our extensive and varied fleet, we can carry any fuel volume from 1 gallon to 10,000, wherever you need it.
We have the most complete private fleet in Puerto Rico, and being internally managed, we have total control of when and where we can dispatch—a real advantage in the Puerto Rican market.


Click here to complete a digital application. It will reach our customer service department immediately, and you will be assigned an account number and salesperson you can contact whenever you need to place an order.

You can pay with cash, check, wire transfer/ACH, “ATH móvil” or request a line of credit only available to commercial and industrial customers.

For more details, you can contact the Sales Director at, and we can let you know which option is best for your business.

Once an account representative is assigned to you, you can contact them directly by email or phone call. The account representative will provide the product price and service details and assign you a spot on the route at the desired date and time. At the time of delivery, you will receive a digital bill of lading directly to the email you included in your application, and a final invoice will be sent via e-mail within 24 hours.


In addition to the wide variety of fuel services that American Petroleum offers, we also offer many programs for companies that facilitate their day-to-day operations and in times of emergency.
Among them are the following.


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We are delighted to be able to offer fuel distribution services to vessels and neighboring islands through our subsidiary, Royal Petroleum.
In addition, through Royal Petroleum, we can make tax-exempt sales to companies with a co-generation exemption decree.
For more details, please contact our Operations and Sales Manager, Fernando Dávila, to inform you about our services.



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