American Petroleum is the leading distributor of industrial lubricants in Puerto Rico, since we offer three brands of industrial lubricants as well as options of picking up the product at our facilities as a delivery service at yours.

This allows us to guarantee you the best product that will also be in your hands when you need it.

Distribution of the best lubricating oils in Puerto Rico

American Petroleum is the exclusive distributor of internationally recognized oil brands, such as Petro-Canada Lubricants, Phillips 66 Lubricants and our private line, American Quality Lubricants.

Each brand has an extensive variety of oils, greases and specialty products, both automotive and industrial, in any volume you may need.

Phillips 66 Lubricants

Phillips 66 is best known for its high-quality base stocks and sophisticated formulations, as well as Guardol and Liquid Titanium, a highly regarded additive that helps prevent corrosion, rust and protect equipment.

Innovation is among Phillips 66’s priorities, which ensures that we are providing the latest in lubricant technology.

American Quality Lubricants

American Quality Lubricants is a brand of automotive and industrial lubricants manufactured in the United States and distributed in Central and South America and the Caribbean since 1995.

AQL is a private label brand of American Petroleum Co. Inc. that offers industrial customers the highest quality products for all types of equipment. We believe in helping you achieve the highest quality possible.

It is distinguished by its diesel and gasoline engine oils, hydraulic oil, transmission and specialty products such as coolant, degreaser, and brake fluid and multipurpose cleaner, among others. Its bases, additives and manufacturing processes exceed the strictest quality standards.

Petro-Canada Lubricants

Petro-Canada is a pioneer in the manufacture of lubricants using the HT Purity process, which provides a 99.9% impurity-free lubricant.

In addition, the manufacturer Allison has approved Petro-Canada as the exclusive product for all its factory transmissions.

Lubricant pick-up and delivery in Puerto Rico

For any volume needs, from quart to bulk, American has the necessary equipment to make the necessary delivery to its customers.

Lubricant Pickup

If by the way you need to pick up oil, you can coordinate the order for pick up or stop by our plant at any time for direct pick up. Our offices operate from 8AM to 5PM.

Bulk delivery of lubricants

We have the necessary units to make bulk deliveries to customers who may require a larger volume of oil. If you have your own storage tank, this is your best option, since it gives you the benefit of a more efficient delivery and a more competitive price.

Lubricant delivery to your location

Multiple times a week we have delivery routes for all types of products in all types of packaging, as well as diesel and gasoline. Call to coordinate your order and let us know when you need it. 

Packages in which you can buy lubricating oils


Used for gear oils. The reason why its shape is so peculiar is that the oil must enter through a filling hole in the differential of the equipment.


This is the most common packaging for the purchase of lubricants in Puerto Rico and is sold at gasoline stations, supermarkets or stores specializing in auto articles. The people who buy the cuartillos are mostly those who are going to do their own oil changes.


The main products that use this packaging are hydraulic, engine and coolant oils. The packaging allows easy pouring of the product and, like the quartos, is sold in specialized auto stores or individuals who provide oil change services because of its easy handling.


This packaging is used more in industrial businesses that have a high oil consumption. This packaging facilitates the handling and transportation of the oil.


This is a completely industrial package used by service centers or other businesses that perform maintenance on fleets of cars, trucks or other heavy equipment that require a larger volume of oil.


We have trucks specialized in the distribution of lubricants in Puerto Rico in bulk, which allows us to dispatch large quantities of lubricant to a tank at the customer’s facilities and facilitate its delivery and storage.


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