The island of Saba is located about 250 kilometers southeast of Puerto Rico. A small Caribbean island of just 13 square kilometers, but it is a true paradise in the heart of the Caribbean. At American Petroleum we are, precisely, in charge of the sale and distribution of lubricants and fuel in Saba.

We always work at the highest level to offer our industrial customers in Saba the best products of the highest quality. In fact, every day we supply a large number of distributors, retailers, industrial customers and government sectors in this island as well as in Puerto Rico and other areas of the Caribbean.

Lubricant sales and distribution in Saba

Throughout the years, our company has been characterized by providing the best service in the sale and distribution of lubricants. Efficient deliveries anywhere in the Caribbean have allowed us to reach every corner of the country. This makes the satisfaction of our customers is maximum.

Sales for individuals and companies

One of the main services we perform in our company is the sale of lubricants to both individuals and companies in Saba. To do this, we use a large number of units with sufficient volume and capacity to meet any delivery.

Sale and distribution of lubricants in Saba

In fact, if you have a storage tank at home or in your company, this type of delivery is undoubtedly the most efficient, convenient and fast. In addition, you can enjoy a much more competitive lubricant price.

Fuel sales and distribution in Saba

American Petroleum sells and distributes different types of fuel in Saba, Puerto Rico and other areas of the Caribbean. We are leaders in the delivery of gasoline or diesel fuel for all kinds of companies, industrial sectors, individuals, etc. All this always with the maximum efficiency in the distribution.

Gasoline for companies and vehicles

On the one hand, we sell and distribute gasoline (unleaded, regular 87 octane and premium 91 octane) to all types of companies and vehicles. Thanks to our fleet of more than 60 trucks and tanks, we can carry out the distribution and delivery of gasoline in Saba in the most optimal and effective way.

No matter where you are located on the island. At American Petroleum we have everything you need so that at no time you have any lack of gasoline for your equipment.

Sale and distribution of fuel in Saba

Diesel for power plants, industrial facilities and fleets

We also provide diesel fuel sales and distribution services in Saba. Our services are designed to supply power plants, industrial facilities, fleets, vessels, heavy equipment, etc.

We deliver diesel fuel using our own fleet. This allows us to enjoy maximum flexibility in deliveries in order to adapt at all times to the needs of our customers. However, we also offer you a portable station rental service to make the supply there.

As you can see, at American Petroleum we offer you the best service for the sale and distribution of lubricants and fuel in Saba.