Our portable fuel station is the best option to have peace of mind with the supply of fuel in your project or industrial or commercial facilities.

The equipment comes complete with a meter, pump, and fuel dispenser so you can use it just as if you were at a gas station. Renting it provides flexibility and convenience at any time, especially during hurricane season.


How to rent a portable fuel station

Renting a gas station is easy. In these short steps, we explain how to reserve your equipment and make sure you are prepared for any emergency. In addition, how to maximize efficiency at your facility by having supplies on hand, always!


Call your account representative or contact the main office at 787-794-1985.


Request a quote so you can get more details regarding equipment availability and pricing.


Schedule a visit with your representative to have American’s personnel come to your facility and evaluate where the equipment will be installed on your property.


Once coordinated and booked, that is it! The equipment will be installed at your facility.



Do you still have questions about this service? We answer them below or you can contact us directly.

Call your sales representative or the head office and mention that you are interested in having a portable station temporarily at your facility.

Once the temporary tank is requested and installed at your facility, you will be able to have fuel storage and dispense fuel to your fleet, heavy equipment, employee vehicles and more from the convenience of your property.

The ISO tank carries a fixed monthly rental cost and is charged additionally for the fuel.

The 6,000-gallon ISO tank is set up with a meter, pump, hose, and pister so you can supply your fleet, equipment, or generator. The tank can be set up for either diesel or gasoline, but you must notify the product in advance.

You cannot use the same tank for both products during the same period. If you are interested in a smaller capacity tank, you may contact your account representative.

The tank comes mounted on a trailer to ensure its safety on your property as well as a berm to contain any possible spills. The tank is installed temporarily and only our team can make location changes to the tank.

The tank is very reliable, but as in any service station, employees must follow the proper instructions to avoid possible mishaps. Prior to delivery, our team will train you to ensure that the responsible person in your company knows exactly how to operate it.

It is important that your team notify American when they recognize that fuel levels are low, especially in the event of a hurricane.

The meter will tell you how much each delivery takes, but it is important that your staff keep track of the remaining fuel level and contact your representative to account for any refueling needs.


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