St. Maarten is a Caribbean island located only 240 kilometers from Puerto Rico. With an area of just over 30 square kilometers, its economic resources are based mainly on tourism, casinos and banking activities. American Petroleum supplies all types of lubricants and fuels in St. Maarten.

We are the leading company in the delivery and distribution of fuel and oil in Puerto Rico and we also provide service to other areas of the Caribbean. We offer all our customers a wide range of products of the highest quality and specially designed for all types of equipment.

Lubricants sales and distribution in St. Maarten

Our company is in charge of the sale and distribution of lubricants to our customers in St. Maarten. We have up to three brands of industrial lubricants of the highest quality. All a guarantee of supply so that you can always have the best products available at any time.

Phillips 66, American Quality and Petro-Canada lubricants

Lubricants in St. Maarten

The three quality lubricant brands we work with are Phillips 66 Lubricants, American Quality and Petro Canada. The first one stands out for its high quality bases, sophisticated formulations and Guardol and Liquid Titanium additives, which prevent corrosion and oxidation and protect equipment much better.

American Quality is our private label brand of the highest quality products and features diesel and gasoline engine oils, hydraulic oil, transmission and other specialty products. Petro Canada, finally, is a pioneer in the manufacture of lubricants using the HT Purity process to obtain a 99.9% impurity-free lubricant.

Fuel Sales and Distribution in St. Maarten

At American Petroleum, we also handle fuel sales and distribution in St. Maarten. We offer the best gasoline and diesel with excellent delivery times and maximum delivery efficiency. Two aspects that result in the satisfaction of our customers.

Unleaded, 87, 91 and 93 octane gasoline

Fuel in St. Maarten

Our company provides its customers with the three main types of gasoline available in St. Maarten:

  • Unleaded gasoline. The most widely used fuel in the world because of its high quality and because it is treated with special additives and chemicals that improve engine performance.
  • Regular 87-octane gasoline. Ideal for most vehicles.
  • Premium 91 octane gasoline. The perfect fuel for engines with a higher compression ratio.

Ultra low sulfur diesel

Finally, we also handle the sale and distribution of ultra-low sulfur diesel in St. Maarten. A type of clean-burning diesel that contains 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. We supply this fuel in power plants, storage tanks and industrial facilities, fleets, heavy equipment and vessels.

Rely on our wide range of services and guarantee the supply of the best oil and fuel for your equipment.