Using lubricants and oils of the highest quality in your company’s machinery is a key factor for its development. You will enjoy an optimum performance and a longer useful life in all your equipment. In American Petroleum we offer you the most complete sale of lubricant and oil in Dominican Republic.

We work to supply the best products to businesses, distributors, industrial customers and government sectors. All this always with the highest efficiency in deliveries and the best service. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities every day.

Lubricants sales in Dominican Republic

From our company, we offer you the best service in the sale of lubricant and oil in Dominican Republic. We cover all needs since we can deliver lubricants in different packages. In fact, we have different packages to make the supply of lubricants in the Dominican Republic in the most comfortable way.

Sale of lubricants in Dominican Republic

Company specialized in oil sales in Dominican Republic

We offer our customers up to three internationally recognized brands of industrial lubricants. We also offer several options for product pick-up at our facilities or the most efficient delivery service. We are the leading company in the sale of lubricant and oil in Dominican Republic for a reason.

All these delivery and sales options allow us to always guarantee the best product. Oils and lubricants that cover all the needs and requirements of our customers. So much so that we are always prepared to provide the best supply even in hurricane season.

American Quality Lubricants, the brand you need

One of the oil brands we supply to our customers is American Quality Lubricants. A private and exclusive line that has a wide variety of oils, greases and specialized products for industries of all kinds. This U.S.-based brand has been a leader in the distribution of oils and lubricants in Central and South America and the Caribbean for almost 30 years.

Sale of oils in Dominican Republic

It is especially noted for its diesel and gasoline engine oils, hydraulic oil, transmission and specialized products such as coolant, degreaser, brake fluid and multipurpose cleaner. All these products exceed the highest quality standards for oils and lubricants.

American Petroleum is, therefore, the company you should trust for the sale of lubricant and oil in Dominican Republic, a guarantee of success for the optimum performance of your company.