The hurricane season in Puerto Rico takes place between June 1 and November 30. These are months in which, if you fail to prepare your business for a hurricane, you can suffer the paralysis of all machinery.

At American Petroleum, we make it easy for you so that you never run out of fuel during these months. We are the leading company in fuel and oil delivery and distribution in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

How to prepare your business for a hurricane

Climate change has meant that, in recent years, Puerto Rico is experiencing an increase in catastrophic atmospheric events. It is therefore necessary to be prepared in the best way possible during hurricane season.

Review your insurance policy

First, it is essential that you contact your insurance company in order to review the policy you have taken out. Often, insurance companies refuse to pay for damages caused to the company by these atmospheric phenomena.

Generator and fuel to prepare your business for a hurricane

For this not to happen, check with your insurer all the details of the policy. It should be very clear which damages are covered so that, once you claim your compensation, there will be no problem in this regard.

Prepare your power generator

When it is time to prepare your business for a hurricane, it is also essential that you prepare your power generator. Hurricanes cause a multitude of power outages and you need to be prepared for these unforeseen events.

These outages can last for days, so a electric generator is considered a vital necessity. Check, therefore, that the generator is ready to solve any incidence of this type.

To prepare your generator, nothing better than the range of lubricants that we have in our company. We have the Petro-Canada, Phillips 66 and American Quality Lubricants lines, in which you can find oils for both diesel and gasoline engines, coolants, etc.

How to prepare your company for a hurricane

Guarantee your fuel supply

At American Petroleum, we make every effort to guarantee our customers’ fuel service during hurricane season. Contact us in advance to avoid any mishap when it comes to fuel delivery.

One of the options we put at your disposal is the rental of a portable fueling station. This equipment is already prepared with pump, meter and pistero to use it as if you were at a gas station.

On our website, you can download the contingency plan we have designed to prepare your business for a hurricane. In this plan, we tell you how we work in these emergencies. The best way for you to know how we can supply your company with fuel in the event of a hurricane.

Being well prepared for the arrival of an atmospheric event of this type is key for the survival of your company. At American Petroleum, we take care of all the details so you do not have to worry about fuel supply for your business.