Puerto Rico has experienced a series of major atmospheric events in recent years. This has caused American Petroleum to prepare everything in advance and to detail how to order fuel during hurricanes.

Weather events often cause unforeseen events in the supply of fuel and lubricants to our customers. It is very important that, in the event of such a situation, you can have it well planned in order to anticipate possible events with maximum security.

How to order fuel during hurricanes (or lubricants)

Below, we share a series of tips and recommendations so that you have everything ready when placing your fuel order during hurricane season. By following these steps, you will have the opportunity to plan and organize everything with maximum control.

1. Make sure you know your salesperson or contact in the company

First, to order fuel during hurricanes it is very necessary that you know who your vendor is or, failing that, the most direct contact with the company. We recommend that you call our office directly to verify that all the necessary information is up to date in our systems.

How to order lubricant during hurricane season

This will allow us to better channel orders through the account representative. In this way, our company’s personnel will be much more attentive to the delivery of fuel to your company.

2. Contact your representative so that he/she knows all the information.

In parallel to this, it is also highly advisable to contact your account representative to order fuel during hurricanes. The idea is to corroborate that the drivers making the deliveries are fully aware of your location, tank capacity and delivery limitations.

You can phone the office directly (787 – 794 – 1985) to verify this information or write or call our Sales Director or Sales Manager. It will be necessary to confirm what type of truck fits the company, how many feet of sleeve is needed, what other equipment is required to make deliveries, etc.

3. Keep your billing information in order

Another key aspect if you want to know how to place an order during hurricane season is to verify that we have all your billing information. This will be the best way to ensure that there are no problems when making the delivery and supplying lubricant or fuel.

How to order fuel during hurricane season

Your billing and contact information must be up to date in our systems so that we can expedite deliveries when ordering fuel during hurricanes. We recommend that you email us directly at info@americanpetroleum.com to provide us with this necessary information.

4. Call your representative directly

Finally, it is very important that you call your account representative directly, especially when you need any of our products. You will need to tell your representative what you need and when you require delivery.

Once the notification is received, the seller will confirm the order. After the delivery, at the latest 24 hours after the delivery, you will receive by e-mail the Conduce and the corresponding invoice.

These are some of the recommendations from American Petroleum if you want to know how to order fuel during hurricanes. By following each of these steps, you will have no problem guaranteeing the supply of fuel on schedule and as long as the weather permits.