A clean and quality diesel fuel is key for any engine to work perfectly for a longer period. In fact, in most of the occasions, the useful life of the machinery will depend largely on the quality of the fuel. This is why you should trust the best diesel supplier in Puerto Rico.

At American Petroleum, we are leaders in the delivery and distribution of diesel fuel in Puerto Rico. We offer a wide variety of services and volumes, working with all types of companies, from ships and fleets to heavy equipment, industrial facilities or power plants.

Diesel supplier in Puerto Rico

We distribute diesel to our customers in different ways, either through our own varied fleet, in direct deliveries to portable stations that we rent or with fleet cards in American Gasoline service stations. All of this providing maximum flexibility and efficiency in deliveries.

Diesel distributionin Puerto Rico

Specialized in companies

In our company, we adapt perfectly to the needs of our customers. We are specialists in the supply of fuel to companies, delivering to power plants, storage tanks and industrial facilities, fleets and heavy equipment and even boats.

We deliver to industrial facilities as well as to your doorstep. In addition, we have the necessary permits to be able to make fuel deliveries in port. The Diesel supplier in Puerto Rico that your company needs.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel distribution in Puerto Rico

Another advantage of relying on our company is that we supply ultra-low sulfur diesel. A type of clean-burning diesel that contains up to 97% less sulfur than low-sulfur diesel. The use of this fuel allows the application of more advanced emission control technologies.

Low sulfur diesel supplier in Puerto Rico

In addition, your company will not only enjoy a significant reduction in harmful emissions from diesel combustion. You will also have the opportunity to improve the operation of your machinery, extending the useful life of your engines with a more efficient and higher quality product.

Diesel supplier in Puerto Rico with the best fleet

Finally, it should be noted that American Petroleum, as a Diesel supplier in Puerto Rico, has its own fleet of more than 100 trucks and equipment. It includes tanks of 10,000, 6,000 and smurfs of up to 900 gallons. A very varied fleet with which we can reach any point of the island.

A large fleet to adapt to the demands of our customers and with which we can make all deliveries within the agreed deadlines. The best way for your company to always enjoy the best quality fuel.