American Petroleum is considered the leading company in the distribution of diesel in Puerto Rico and in several Caribbean islands. We offer a wide variety of services and volumes to all types of companies and industrial sectors. However, if you want to refuel this fuel in Puerto Rico we have up to 19 gas station near me with diesel.

These gas stations belong to the Puerto Rican company American Gasoline. A chain of fuel stations incorporated in the year 2000 and that offers its services in the north, west and south of the country. In these stations you will be able to enjoy the most competitive fuel prices in the whole Puerto Rican territory.

Where to find gas station near me with diesel in Puerto Rico?

The 19 American Gasoline stations where you can get diesel or gasoline are located throughout the country. Most of them are located in the north of Puerto Rico, although you can also find stations in the west and south of our territory. The best way to get diesel fuel for your vehicles.

Gas station with diesel near me

In the North

The north of Puerto Rico is the area of the country where the largest number of American Gasoline stations are distributed. You can go to all of them with your fleet card to better manage your fuel expenses.

A payment method that is very easy to use and that will allow you to control when, where, what and how much your company’s vehicles spend.

The 10 gas stations near me with diesel in northern Puerto Rico are:

  • American Algarrobo in Vega Baja.
  • American Bajuras and American Ave. Betances in Vega Alta.
  • American Doraville in Dorado.
  • American Campanilla, American Candelaria and American Toa Ville in Toa Baja.
  • American Piñas, Toa Alta.
  • American Palo Seco in Cataño.
  • American Guaraguao in Bayamón.

In the West

In the western area of Puerto Rico we have up to 6 American Gasoline stations where you can go. In all these 19 stations we offer an ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. A clean burning diesel that contains up to 97% less sulfur than low sulfur diesel.

Gas station near me with diesel

The 6 gas stations near me with diesel in western Puerto Rico are:

  • American Aguadilla #1 and #2.
  • American Jobos and American Pueblo in Isabela.
  • American Balboa and American Post in Mayagüez.

In the South

Finally, in the southern zone of Puerto Rico we have 3 American Gasoline stations to refuel our company’s diesel fuel. A type of fuel of the highest quality and efficiency. If you wish, you can easily request your fleet card to enjoy all the benefits of this payment system.

A model with which you can optimize fuel consumption and save on fuel prices.

The 3 gas stations near me with diesel in the south of Puerto Rico are:

  • American Mercedita and American Victoria in Ponce.
  • American Jueyes in Salinas.