An electric generator requires the use of lubricants to keep the moving parts of the engine lubricated and prevent wear caused by friction. However, what lubricants does a generator need and how to control them?

At American Petroleum, we make it easy for you, since we have the best and most complete range of lubricants for your generator. In fact, we are leaders in the distribution of lubricating oils (oils, greases and specialized products) in Puerto Rico.

What lubricants does a generator need?

From our company, we offer you a delivery service of lubricants in bulk at your location. We adapt to all the needs of your company, delivering in bottles, quarts, gallons, pailas, drones or the aforementioned bulk delivery service.

Extended Life Coolant or Extended Life Coolant 50/50

Extended Life Coolant 50/50 is designed to provide maximum cooling system protection. In addition, its use eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives.

What diesel oil and coolant does a generator need

On the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with other quality coolants and its non-abrasive formula extends the life of the machinery and generator. One of its main advantages is that it produces less hard water fouling.

10w30 gasoline and 15w40 diesel oil

The 10w30 oil for gasoline and 15w40 for diesel is a fully synthetic multigrade lubricant. As its name suggests, it is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines and generators of the latest generation.

It is characterized by providing excellent protection to the engine and its most critical parts to the point of being able to keep it always working. Its performance is better than that of other conventional and synthetic oil blends.

Tips to control your generator lubricants

Tips for checking the lubricants in your generator

Choosing which lubricant a generator needs and how to control them is key for the best maintenance of the machinery engine. From American Petroleum we provide you with a series of tips and recommendations so that you can more easily control the lubricant your generator needs:

  • It is crucial that you check the maintenance record of your generators to update them if necessary.
  • You should purchase the coolant recommended by the manufacturer and try to refill with the same product to avoid altering the chemical formula that already existed with the previous product, as this can lead to shortening the life and effectiveness of the engine.
  • Check the motor oil required by the manufacturer, as well as the oil filters.
  • Make sure it is the indicated volume and everything is up to date.
  • Check the air filters because, if they are clogged, the oxygen intake could be affected and, consequently, could alter the fuel consumption and/or effectiveness of the generator.

At American Petroleum, we have the ideal engine oils and coolants for your generator, from brands such as American Quality Lubricants, Petro Canada Lubricants and Phillips 66 Lubricants. Be ahead of time and make preventive maintenance to your equipment to avoid failures or that an atmospheric event or blackout catches you unprepared.