Having a quality diesel fuel is essential for many reasons. One of the most important is the better care and maintenance of the engine. This is something that you can achieve precisely with the use of UREA or Diesel Exhaust Fluid, one of the main specialized fluids that we offer at American Petroleum.

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What is UREA or Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a special aqueous solution of ultra-purified urea (ammonia) at 32.5% and deionized water at 67.5%. It is used especially for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. This system is installed in diesel vehicles to reduce nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, one of the most polluting gases in the environment.

In fact, all vehicles using this system plus Diesel Exhaust Fluid fuel convert nitrogen oxide emissions into neutral nitrogen and water. In this way, emissions of this compound are significantly reduced.

What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Advantages of UREA or Diesel Exhaust Fluid

UREA, therefore, is a type of fluid that, through an injector, is incorporated into the gases as they leave the cylinder. A process that, under the name of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides, a very common compound in conventional diesel engines.

Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy by using Diesel Exhaust Fluid in your machinery.

Helps reduce environmental impact

The main advantage, as we are seeing, is that UREA reduces the environmental impact that is usually produced with diesel fuel. We are talking here about a considerable reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxides, a compound that is formed in all combustion at high temperatures and that is even harmful to health.

Makes fuel more efficient

Another of the main reasons for using Diesel Exhaust Fluid is the high fuel efficiency. Not only does it perform a much more optimal function, but it also performs much more efficiently and you spend less. This is mainly because the exhaust gas cleaning in diesel engines is greatly improved.

Advantages of UREA or Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Causes less wear in the engine

All this makes UREA perform much better and more efficiently in the engine than other conventional fluids. The wear of the engine will be less and the useful life of your vehicle will be extended.

Keep in mind that it is a chemical reaction that takes place, so there is nothing subject to wear, corrosion, etc. Therefore, the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system itself does not cause engine damage.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is, therefore, one of the products that we supply from American Petroleum to our customers. A product of the highest quality, with excellent efficiency and with more than interesting results for the performance and your engine.