UREA in diesel engines is used as a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) to reduce NOx emissions. Therefore, the first thing we have to emphasize is that its use is the best option for the environment. The SCR system is an after-treatment system that is installed in the diesel engine exhaust.

When fuel is burned in the engine, the exhaust gases are directed to the SCR system. In the SCR system, a UREA solution is sprayed into the exhaust gases, which triggers a chemical reaction that converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water.

The nitrogen is a harmless gas that is emitted into the air, while the water condenses in the system and is removed through the exhaust.

How is used UREA in diesel engines?

How is UREA in diesel engines used

UREA is stored in a separate tank in the vehicle and is automatically dosed into the SCR system. The amount of UREA used depends on the amount of NOx produced in the engine. In general, a 32.5% solution of UREA in distilled water is used.

It is important to maintain the proper level of UREA in the vehicle’s tank to ensure that the SCR system functions properly. Most modern vehicles with SCR systems have a gauge on the dashboard that shows the level of UREA in the tank.

What are the benefits of using UREA in diesel engines?

The use of UREA in diesel engines can help reduce NOx emissions by 90% or more. Not only does this improve air quality, but it can also help diesel engine manufacturers comply with stricter environmental regulations.

Benefits of using UREA in diesel engines

Furthermore, the use of UREA in diesel engines does not adversely affect engine performance. In fact, some modern diesel engines use SCR technology and UREA to improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.

American Petroleum is your diesel exhaust fluid supplier

In short, UREA is a chemical compound used in modern diesel engines to reduce NOx emissions and, therefore, one of the products that we supply from American Petroleum to our customers and that you can purchase in 2.3 Gallon and 55 Gallon Drums.