It is best to use oil for Allison transmission approved by TES 668® to extend drain intervals and improve transmission performance and durability in all operating environments.

Allison TES 668® approved oils are recommended for use in Allison 1000 Series™, 2000 Series™, 3000 Series™, 4000 Series™ and H 40/50 EP™ on-highway products.

Oil for Allison transmission Petro-Canada DuraDriveTM HD Synthetic 668

The toughest and most demanding test for any oil is to meet the factory fill standards demanded by the world’s leading OEMs.

Allison Transmission, Inc, the leading global supplier of commercial automatic transmissions, has chosen Petro-Canada Lubricants as the sole global factory fill supplier of the new TES 668™ specification fluid.

Dura Drive HD Synthetic 668 is also fully compliant with TES 295® approval. It can also be said to have far exceeded the TES 668™ specification for extended drain intervals.

Petro-Canada DuraDriveTM HD Synthetic 668

The products marketed by Petro-Canada Lubricants guarantee maximum durability and performance. On the other hand, they also provide high quality protection for equipment in all types of automatic transmissions.

Allison created the new TES 668™ specification in order to provide its customers with a fluid capable of performing more functions, such as providing better friction performance and improved anti-wear protection for their transmissions.

A fluid approved by the Allison validation program extends replacement intervals and increases transmission performance and durability. And DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is just one of the products that has passed this validation and approval program with flying colors.

Passing this program also makes it possible for DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 to be used with older versions of Allison transmissions.

Oil for Allison transmission Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF

Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF

Phillips 66 Triton 668 ATF is a synthetic heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid designed for use in truck and bus transmissions operating under severe service conditions or extended drain intervals.

Phillips 66 recommends it for use in applications where the OEM specifies a fully approved Allison TES-668 fluid.

Triton 668 ATF has excellent shear stability and high load carrying capacity to protect against viscosity degradation and wear.

It has excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability to minimize sludge and varnish formation and excellent frictional durability to ensure smooth shifting and proper transmission performance over the life of the fluid.

Triton 668 ATF has excellent low temperature properties for year-round use and protects against rust and corrosion.

Remember that if you want to purchase the best oil for Allison transmission, American Petroleum is your trusted distributor.