Dirty oil does not lubricate properly, increases friction and temperature and causes engine wear. Make sure your car is not damaged by following these tips for a proper oil change.

How to do the right oil change

These recommendations are for a vehicle that has normal use.

However, if the car has to be driven in extreme weather circumstances, with very low or very high temperatures, the oil will have to be changed more frequently, as these aspects will cause the lubricant to have a shorter useful life.

It is always important to measure the lubricant level. If the lubricant level does not drop even one line, it is time to worry, because the engine is not running properly. The device replenishes the oil level with fuel. Therefore, if the car does not consume oil, it is better to ask your trusted mechanic for advice.

Finally, remember to use quality products that will generate long-term benefits.

Tips for changing the oil

#1: Know how often to change the oil

The owner of a vehicle should know how often the engine oil should be changed to keep the car in good condition. It is important to know that a dirty lubricant does not do its job and this can lead to short or long term problems.

You should know that new cars do not require oil change as often as older cars, but this maintenance task is still essential.

#2: Choose the right products

Check that the oil and filter are the right ones for your car. In the manual, you will be able to identify clues as to what standards the oil should meet and how often it should be replaced.

It is recommended that with each oil change you change the filter so that these two parts fulfill their function.

#3: Consider surface and temperature during the change

The oil change should be performed on a flat surface and with the engine warm. This will allow the engine fluid to be completely drained, preventing it from mixing with the new fluid and contaminating it.

How to do a oil change

#4: Clean the surroundings

Cleanliness is necessary where the new filter will be placed, as well as cleaning the crankcase drain plug and the engine.

#5: Find a professional

In addition, we recommend that a professional perform the oil change, as it will ensure that it will be done in the best way, always using the best products.

Preparation before and during the oil change

Start the engine for a few minutes so that the oil warms up a little. Cold oil drains worse than if it has a warm temperature. If the car has been running, be careful, the fluid could be hot.

Loosen the oil reservoir cap with the wrench until you can remove it by hand. Once you unscrew it completely, the oil contained in the reservoir will fall into the catcher you have placed.

The reservoir is now free of oil, so the next step is to fill it up again. Place the funnel in the hole and pour in the clean oil. The oil capacity is indicated in the vehicle’s instruction manual.

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