Lubricants and oils play a key role in the efficient and long-lasting operation of combined heat and power equipment. Operating continuously and under demanding conditions, this equipment requires specialized products to ensure optimum performance and long service life.

The importance of lubricants for internal combustion engines

For internal combustion engines used in cogeneration systems, lubricants play a crucial role in reducing wear on moving parts and protecting against corrosion.

Oils specifically designed for cogeneration applications must have thermal and oxidative resistance properties, as well as cleanliness and contaminant dispersion capabilities, to keep the engine running smoothly for long periods of time.

Lubricants and oils, key for gas-fired systems

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In addition, cogeneration systems using gas turbines or gas engines require high-quality lubricating oils to ensure efficient performance and adequate lubrication under high-speed and high-temperature conditions.

These oils must be able to withstand the extreme demands of gas turbines and provide effective lubrication to maximize efficiency and extend equipment life.

Lubricants and oils are essential for transformers and generators

Power transformers and generators used in cogeneration systems also require lubricants and dielectric oils to ensure proper electrical insulation and protect against moisture and contamination.

These products help prevent short circuits and damage to electrical equipment, ensuring a reliable and safe power supply.

Is better an electric generator diesel or gasoline

In summary, the proper selection of lubricants and oils for power cogeneration is essential for the efficient and reliable operation of equipment. By using high quality products specifically formulated for these applications, you can maximize efficiency, extend equipment life and reduce long-term maintenance and operating costs.

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