Having a reliable fuel distribution and supply company is a life insurance policy. Especially in the face of uncontrollable and unforeseen situations, such as those that occur during hurricane season. In this sense, at American Petroleum we offer you the best service for the delivery of lubricants and fuels to residences.

We are the leading company in the delivery and distribution of fuel and oil in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our large fleet of vehicles and optimal logistics allow us to offer always an excellent service and the most efficient deliveries. This is essential during hurricane season.

Lubricant delivery service to residences

We take care of the distribution of lubricants to residences in Puerto Rico, always guaranteeing the best product and the most efficient delivery times. This way, you can always be supplied with fuel even in the most unexpected moments.

Gasoline and diesel

We distribute gasoline and diesel of the highest quality for the satisfaction of our customers.

Delivery of fuels to residences in Puerto Rico

Thanks to our large and varied fleet, we can meet any demand. Not surprisingly, our delivery service covers the entire island of Puerto Rico, so we can easily reach wherever the residence in question is located.

Residential fuel delivery service

Our fleet for the distribution of fuels and lubricants consists of more than 60 trucks and tanks. A fleet that allows us to distribute and deliver fuel to all residences in Puerto Rico. The highest quality fuel for the optimum operation and performance of companies.

Oils of internationally recognized brands

In our service of delivery of lubricants and fuels to residences, we work with internationally recognized brands of oils. Among them are Petro-Canada Lubricants, Phillips 66 Lubricants or our private line American Quality Lubricants.

Delivery of lubricants to residences in Puerto Rico

Each of these well-known brands has an extensive range of oils, greases and other specialty products. Whatever volume you may need, at American Petroleum we provide the best distribution so you will never be out of stock.

Trust American Petroleum for residential fuel and lubricant distribution. It is very important that you can count on the best supply in times of hurricanes and other situations beyond our control.

We always guarantee you the best delivery efficiency so that you can always have fuel available.