Gasoline is a mixture of liquid, volatile and flammable hydrocarbons obtained through distillation and subsequent chemical treatment of petroleum. To the latter, various additives are added to improve its properties. But have you ever wondered how long does gasoline last?

Gasoline is a fuel used in various engines. One of its main characteristics is the octane rating. The octane rating refers to the ratio between the temperature and the pressure to which the gasoline can be subjected when it is compressed by the cylinder in the combustion process when it explodes.

Does gasoline mature?

It can be stated that gasoline itself never expires. However, it can lose its more ideal composition and acquire a somewhat more pasty consistency. In fact, when it is left exposed to air, it can evaporate completely after some time. During the evaporation process, it gradually loses its properties as its components change.

How long can you store gasoline?

Gasoline stored in a fuel tank or sealed tank can have a shelf life of one year. However, once the seal is broken it can only be stored for 6 months at 20 degrees Celsius or 3 months at 30 degrees Celsius.

How long can gasoline be stored

On the other hand, the shelf life of gasoline in equipment fuel tanks usually lasts about one month. This time can be extended by adding at least one third of new fuel to restore those components that may have evaporated.

How long does gasoline last?

If gasoline is poorly stored or does not have a chemical treatment to prevent its degradation, it can lose its properties and generate oxides after 3 months. However, the gasoline supplied today is of much higher quality and has a longer useful life, maintaining its properties even after a year without rotting.

Gasoline degradation over time

As we have seen, gasoline itself does not expire over time, but it does oxidize. This leads to the appearance of insoluble compounds that cause oxidation. These compounds can clog the fuel filter of the machinery and render the fuel pump or injection useless.

How long can you store gasoline

How do you know if the gasoline is stale?

The best way to tell if the gasoline is stale is to inspect the fuel. When gasoline is in perfect condition, it should smell normal. However, if the gasoline looks or looks cloudy, has sediment or smells bad, it is most likely stale or contaminated.

Rotten or stale gasoline generates concentrated water residues that cause engine damage. In addition, this gasoline will foul the fuel filter much faster and cause the machinery to malfunction.

Therefore, the new forms of fuel allow the gasoline to be stored for more than a year without rotting. But, the most advisable thing is not to leave the gasoline in the tank for more than 3 months.