A large number of companies and businesses need to have a large supply of fuel delivered by gasoline truck every day. Without this fuel, they cannot meet their daily demands.

Relying on American Petroleum, leader in the delivery and distribution of fuel and oil in Puerto Rico, is synonymous with efficient deliveries.

We are known for always offering the highest quality products to all our industrial, commercial and residential customers. In addition to this, we also guarantee maximum efficiency in deliveries in order to have fuel available at all times.

We have the widest range of gasoline truck

In order to cope with all our deliveries, we have more than 60 trucks and tanks. A large fleet of fuel and lubricants distribution that is considered the most complete in the entire Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

In fact, we can handle the distribution and delivery of gasoline throughout the Puerto Rican territory.

Gasoline truck from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons

This fleet of gasoline trucks can cover a volume of 1 to 10,000 gallons. We have Dodge, Navistar, Kenworth and Mack trucks to make all types of deliveries.

A gasoline truck of the highest performance and with all the fundamental characteristics to always carry out an optimal distribution of fuel throughout the island.

Even for emergencies and marine transport

One of the main advantages that we offer you from American Petroleum is the possibility of always being able to enjoy fuel even in emergencies.

Precisely, we can serve fuel in electrical and/or industrial emergency plants. For this purpose, we use 1,500-gallon Navigator trucks, ideal for 24-hour service in emergency power generators.

In addition, we also distribute gasoline for marine vessels with our Kenworth T-800 traction gasoline truck model. A vehicle with a tank capacity of up to 10,000 gallons that is equipped with an unloading pump.

Gasoline truck for delivery in Puerto Rico

If you wish, we also have portable gasoline tanks for maritime transport to other Caribbean islands. These tanks are equipped with their own tows.

Leaders in gasoline truck delivery and delivery in Puerto Rico

This variety of gasoline trucks and tanks has allowed us to be the leader in fuel delivery and delivery in Puerto Rico. We serve all types of customers on the south and west coast of the country, as well as all the smaller Caribbean islands.

Not in vain, we have more than 200 ISO tanks specially designed to carry out the maritime transportation of fuel at any time of the year.

Our gasoline truck goes directly to the facility that requires the fuel. We are leaders in the sector because we offer services to industrial, commercial and residential customers.

The large fleet of vehicles and the best and most complete efficiency in deliveries are some of the guarantees that define us.