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Our portable service station is the best option to stay calm when it comes to the supply of fuel in your project or industrial/commercial facilities. The equipment is prepared with a meter, pump and nozzle so that you can use it just as you would in a service station. Renting the portable service station provides flexibility and comfort at any time, especially during hurricane season. Clients can use it to fuel their heavy duty equipment or machinery, trucks or even employee’s vehicles when it’s problematic to visit a service station.


Renting a portable service station is easy! In these short steps we explain how to reserve your equipment and be set up to either prepare your businesses for any emergency that could come your way or to maximize efficiency in your operations!


Call your account representative or the main office by calling 787-794-1985 to request more information on this service and get your questions answered.


Request a quote so you can evaluate all necessary details related to the availability of the equipment, installation timeframe and price.


Coordinate a field visit with one of our account representatives so that our team can evaluate your facilities and understand how the implementation will take place.


Once the visit is completed and the equipment is reserved YOU’RE ALL SET! Our staff will take care of the installation and you will be ready to use it.


Call your account representative or central office (787-794-1985) and mention that you are interested in having a portable service station temporarily at your facilities. After the initial conversation, a quote will be shared and upon evaluation and approval, the station will be installed in the location requested.

Once the temporary portable service station has been requested and installed at your facilities, your company is ready with both fuel storage and the possibility to dispatch directly to your fleet, heavy equipment, employees’ vehicles, among others from the convenience of your property. The ISO tank has a fixed monthly rental cost and the fuel supply is charged separately

The ISO 6,000-gallon tank is prepared with a meter, pump, hose and nozzle so that it can supply your fleet, equipment or generator. The tank can be prepared for diesel or gasoline, but you must notify your product preference in advance. You cannot use the same tank for both products during the same period of time. Our staff will provide all necessary operation information at the time of implementation, but it is your company’s responsibility to operate it daily. Any maintenance needed will be provided by our team.

Tanks come mounted on a trailer to ensure its safety on your property as well as a berm to contain any possible spills. The tank is temporarily installed and only our team can change its location. The tank is very reliable, but just like in any fuel station, employees must follow instructions to avoid potential mishaps. Prior to delivery, our team will train whoever is responsible for its operations in your facilities to ensure that the person in charge understands its operation.

It is important that your team notifies American Petroleum when they recognize that fuel levels are low, especially in the event of atmospheric events. The meter will tell you how much each delivery takes but it is important that your staff keeps track of the remaining fuel levels and orders upon need.



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