Oils for gasoline and diesel engines are made by combining base oils and additives to achieve the desired performance. So far, everything is the same, but there is a difference between gasoline and diesel oil.

One of the main differences, as we will see below, is in the viscosity of the oil. When it comes to its manufacture, obtaining the right viscosity is essential for the lubricant to perform its function with maximum safety in the different types of engine.

Difference between gasoline and diesel oil

Generally, diesel engine oil has a higher viscosity and low temperature pumpability compared to gasoline engine oil.

The use of diesel-specific oil in gasoline engines can lead to various damages, overheating and premature wear of engine components and parts.

Can diesel engine oil be used in a gasoline engine

As mentioned above, additives are one of the essential elements of engine oils. However, it is important to keep in mind that each oil is designed for a different engine depending on its volume and components.

Another difference between gasoline and diesel oil is that diesel engine oil has more additives, which makes the oil withstand the high pressure of the engine. However, these same additives in a gasoline-specific oil are not beneficial to the car’s engine, as they will affect its performance.

The greater number of additives in diesel engine oil allows it to have a longer service life than gasoline engine oil. Consequently, the frequency of oil changes is lower.

Difference between gasoline and diesel oil

Can diesel engine oil be used in a gasoline engine?

The question that remains is when it is advisable to put diesel oil in a gasoline engine. The answer would be in those gasoline engines that have a greater number of horsepower, since they will be able to perfectly support the increase in tension.

Remember that, because of the difference between gasoline and diesel oil, before changing and using a diesel engine oil, you should check the results obtained by the engine builders, as they always share their knowledge about the new discoveries they have made.

As always, what you should never hesitate to do is to use oil from the best manufacturers, such as the one we distribute at American Petroleum.