American Petroleum is the leading company you need for fuel and oil distribution in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We offer our industrial customers the highest quality products for their equipment and machinery. In addition, in order to perform this distribution with maximum efficiency, we have the best diesel tanks in our fleet.

At present, we provide services to distributors, businesses, industrial customers and government sectors. We have always been known for providing the best service and the highest efficiency in fuel deliveries. All of this is backed by our experience and the satisfaction of a large number of customers.

Diesel tanks from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons

We deliver diesel fuel in Puerto Rico in different tanks with volumes from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons. Dodge, Navistar, Kenworth and Mack trucks are in charge of transporting these tanks throughout the island. These vehicles are equipped with everything necessary to make fuel delivery much more efficient and convenient.

We supply our product to power plants or small capacity tanks, construction projects, underground and above ground tanks, service stations, marine vessels or even remote locations with difficult access. A very complete service to cover the entire island of Puerto Rico.

1,000 to 10,000 gallon diesel tanks

Leaders in the delivery and distribution of diesel tanks in Puerto Rico

All these services allow us to be the leading company in the distribution of diesel in Puerto Rico and in several Caribbean islands. We offer in all cases ultra-low sulfur diesel, a type of clean burning fuel that contains 97% less sulfur than low sulfur diesel.

Our huge fleet means that we can be very flexible in our fuel deliveries and tailor them to our customers’ needs. In fact, either we can make these deliveries to an industrial plant, to vessels or directly to the generator that supplies the machinery.

Also in emergencies such as hurricanes and other islands

At the same time, American Petroleum has diesel tanks capable of supplying diesel fuel even in emergencies. Between the months of June and November, the hurricane season takes place in Puerto Rico.

Delivery and delivery with tanks in Puerto Rico

During those months, our company provides emergency supply to all those companies that need it. Please contact us to know all the options we have for emergency fuel supply.

In case of emergency both in Puerto Rico and in other islands, it is key to know how you can continue to maintain your fuel supply without any problem. In our company, we have a specific contingency plan for this type of situation. In addition, we have the right fuel and lubricants so that you can prepare your company’s generator for the arrival of a hurricane.

American Petroleum is, therefore, the ideal company for fuel supply thanks to its large fleet of diesel tanks.