A diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine. Its operation is based on the use of the increase in temperature, which is produced by compressing a gas, so that the fuel ignites spontaneously when it is injected into the combustion chamber. But for this to work properly, optimum diesel engine maintenance is required.

In diesel engines, air is introduced into the cylinder and compressed 14 to 18 times by the piston. Once the piston is at the top, fuel is injected and burns as it enters the combustion chamber. This means, for example, that the diesel engine uses less fuel than a gasoline engine.

How to extend the life of a diesel engine

The service life of a diesel engine depends not only on how you use it. Numerous factors also come into play. One of them is precisely the diesel engine maintenance that you may have given it and the quality of the diesel you use. The following recommendations will help you to make your diesel engine last longer.

Don’t wait until you get into reserve to refuel

A diesel engine running on very little fuel or in reserve can lead to a variety of mechanical problems. Any engine turns on its reserve light when there is only 10% to 15% fuel left in the tank. If the fuel level is too low, as in this case, the fuel pump has to overexert itself, which accelerates engine wear.

Diesel engine maintenance tips

At the same time, the fuel pump has a filter that retains impurities. When the fuel level is very low, the concentration of these impurities increases to the point that it can clog the filtering process. Therefore, the ideal way to maintain a diesel engine is not to wait for the machine to go into reserve.

Keep an eye on the oil level

Checking the oil level on a regular basis is key to diesel engine maintenance. If all parts are well lubricated, it will extend the service life and prevent many breakdowns. In addition, an optimum oil level will keep the diesel engine clean and prevent compression leaks.

When the oil level is low, overheating and premature wear occur in the engine. In addition, friction between the elements and parts is multiplied, which increases this wear. Finally, the oil helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 and pollutant gas emissions. Do not hesitate to ask us about our top quality oils.

Diesel engine maintenance tips

Do not squeeze the car when it is cold and do not run it for a long time at high revolutions

One of the maxims that you should be clear about in the diesel engine maintenance is that if you drive for a long time above the maximum number of revolutions you can kill the engine. And this is precisely what happens to a large extent with diesel engines, which, when they over-rev, can break down.

Diesel engines are designed to run at a limited number of revolutions. A high rpm will, for example, cause the engine to consume much more fuel. But the greatest danger is that it will overheat, affecting the entire vehicle.

These are some of the recommendations that you should take into account for the optimal diesel engine maintenance. The best way for you to extend its useful life and not lose any power and quality.