Lubrication is a fundamental process in any vehicle. Not surprisingly, many bearing failures occur due to inadequate lubrication. Therefore, choosing a good wheel bearing grease is much more important than you think.

In fact, insufficient lubrication, degraded grease or the use of the wrong type of lubricant is the cause of 36% of bearing failures.

What is bearing grease?

Bearing grease is a lubricating substance formulated to keep vehicle wheel bearings in optimum performance. Bearings are essential for smooth and efficient wheel rotation. Hence, they need proper lubrication to reduce friction and premature wear.

Bearing grease is distinguished, above all, by its high resistance to pressure. It is also characterized by its ability to withstand the high temperatures generated by rapid wheel rotation. Finally, it is also able to repel water and thus prevent corrosion.

It is of utmost importance that grease is applied correctly and replaced from time to time. Otherwise, its degradation or absence can lead to mechanical failures and breakdowns that are detrimental to vehicle safety.

What is bearing grease

What is wheel bearing grease used for?

Bearing grease is applied to systems that can be oiled and where the oil itself does not remain in position. On the other hand, it is also used to seal and prevent water leakage from the system. The friction properties of this grease are very high, mainly due to its high consistency.

When choosing the right grease for a bearing mechanism, keep in mind that choosing a normal or universal “all-purpose” grease can take its toll in the end.

It can do more harm than good if we do not choose the right wheel bearing grease wisely. Moreover, since bearings work in many operating conditions, we must match the lubricant perfectly to the application.

How to grease wheel bearings

A tip for selecting the best wheel bearing grease

The first step in choosing the best bearing grease is to check with the manufacturer for the most suitable grease. Not all greases are compatible with each other, and there may be machine components that are not compatible with some lubricant additives. It is also very important to pay attention to the viscosity of the oil.

How to grease wheel bearings

Bearings must be lubricated evenly. For this purpose, there is nothing better than using a lubricator. The bearings should be turned by hand until all internal surfaces are covered.

For larger bearings, e.g. truck wheel bearings, we offer a bearing lubricator.

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