In order to make the best delivery and distribution of fuel and oil, it is necessary to have an adequate fleet of vehicles. American Petroleum guarantees you, precisely, the best fleet card in Puerto Rico for fuel and gas to control your equipment expenses.

Our company offers its industrial customers the highest quality for all types of equipment. We provide our services to distributors, businesses, industrial customers and government sectors.

A wide range of customers who benefit from excellent service and maximum efficiency in fuel and oil deliveries.

The best fleet card in Puerto Rico for fuel and gas

A fleet card is a type of payment card made available to customers. This card allows different companies to be able to manage the fuel expenses of their vehicles by purchasing gasoline or diesel fuel at Gasolinera American’s network of service stations.

Best fleet card in Puerto Rico for fuel

This payment method is very easy to use. In fact, it replaces other conventional payment methods. Any company can apply for it. All you have to do is contact American Petroleum to formalize your cash or credit application. Once accepted, it can be used.

Because it can be used at American Gasoline’s 18 stations

One of the big reasons why we consider ours the best fleet card in Puerto Rico for fuel and gas is that it can be used at any of the 18 American Gasoline stations in Puerto Rico.

These gas stations are located in the north, south and west of the country. The names and locations of these 18 gas stations are available on our website or on the American Gasoline website.

Because it allows to control expenses and fuel consumption

American Gasoline gas station in Puerto Rico

At the same time, our fleet card allows your company to control expenses and fuel consumption much better.

This way, you will be able to know when, where, what and how much the company’s drivers spend on fuel. The best way for you to stay on top of your company’s fuel budget.

Without a doubt, American Gasoline is the best fleet card in Puerto Rico for fuel and gas for companies that depend on their motor vehicles every day.

Whether you have a large or small fleet, it is a convenient, simple payment method with a host of advantages. A card with which to keep better track of expenses and better control of the overall fuel budget.