Have you ever wondered why there are different antifreeze colors? Knowing this is important, because it will help you know what is in your car.

You may have noticed that coolant has some very striking colors. These do not really indicate its properties or composition, but they can indicate the temperature at which the antifreeze would be effective.

Does antifreeze color matter?

They serve to make it easier to detect leaks.

Antifreeze colors chart

These include green, blue and pink. There are antifreezes that can be used from -5ºc to -30ºc. The freezing temperature of these types of antifreeze will vary depending on the amount of ethylene glycol they contain.

Antifreeze colors and types

Green antifreeze

Green antifreezes color contain 10% ethylene glycol and their use temperature range is from -4ºC to 102ºC.

Pink antifreeze

Pink antifreezes color contain 25% ethylene glycol and have a working temperature range of -12.5ºC to 103ºC.

Blue antifreeze

Blue antifreezes color contain 50% ethylene glycol and have a temperature range of use from -37ºC to 108ºC.

Which antifreeze to choose?

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