Your equipment deserves the best, regardless of weather conditions. Our American Cool Plus line is part of American Quality Lubricants’ selection of coolants.

With its anti-corrosive formula, it protects gasoline and diesel engines, as well as light and heavy-duty equipment.

American Cool Plus Coolants

American Cool Plus Coolants are made in the United States and has three main products are:

  • American Cool Plus 33
  • American Cool Plus 50
  • American Cool Plus 96

American Extended Life Coolants

American Cool Plus 33 and American Cool Plus 50

These are ready-to-use coolants that eliminate radiator deposit problems associated with retaining hard water.

The main difference between the two products is the amount of anticoagulant and deionized water used in the pre-diluted mixture:

  • The American Cool Plus 33 formula consists of 33% antifreeze and 67% deionized water.
  • The American Cool Plus 50 formula contains equal parts antifreeze and deionized water.
  • Finally, the American Cool Plus 96 formula has a concentrated trihibitol base that should be diluted according to OEM recommendations.

American Extended Life Coolants (ELC)

The best way to say thank you for all that your equipment does for you is to give it the best care and maintenance. Our American Extended Life Coolants are part of American Quality Lubricants’ wide selection of products that provide maximum protection.

Extended Life Coolants

These long-lasting coolants with anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive qualities are formulated for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as heavy and industrial equipment.

Extended Life Coolants (Long Life Coolants)

Extended Life Coolants contain a base of organic additives and ethylene glycol free of silicates, phosphates, borates and nitrates for heavy machinery and automobiles.

Its anti-freeze, anti-corrosion and anti-abrasive formula utilizes organic acid technology (OAT) with extended service pre-charged for maximum protection in wet liner cylinders and engines.

ELC 50/50 coolant is a ready-to-use, pre-diluted mixture containing deionized water and ethylene glycol. Just pour it into the coolant reservoir to take care of your equipment and prevent the formation of deposits that could be caused by water.

American Cool Plus 33, 50 y 96

On the other hand, ELC 96% contains a concentrated ethylene glycol base that should be diluted according to OEM recommendations. Both of these long-life products build strength within the engine, regardless of weather conditions.

American Extended Life Coolant products use high quality additives that exceed industry standards, earning the trust of globally recognized brands.

They also meet the criteria of regulatory agencies such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Its formula follows every requirement stipulated for long-life antifreeze, including automotive service specifications such as ASTM D-3306. In addition, it follows established specifications for heavy diesel equipment such as ASTM D-4985, ASTM D-6210 and Caterpillar EC-1.