In Puerto Rico, the concern for electrical safety and preparation for extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, is a constant in the collective conscience. Something that promotes the use of alternative energy sources for power outages.

At American Petroleum, we have taken on the task of promoting the maintenance and preparation of generators for the hurricane season, reminding our customers of the importance of staying updated and ready for any atmospheric eventuality that could cause a blackout.

However, the vulnerability of Puerto Rico’s electrical system exposes us to outages at any time of the year, not just from June to November during hurricane season.

Why alternative energy sources for power outages are important

The reality is that our businesses and residences must always be prepared to face power outages. It is essential to know our co-generation system, especially the power plants, and make sure we perform the proper maintenance to ensure their optimal operation at all times.

In addition, it is essential to maintain a supply of fuel to ensure that they are ready to operate in case of an emergency.

Impact of Hurricane Fiona on Puerto Rico

However, the importance of having alternative energy sources for power outages in Puerto Rico goes beyond the hurricane season. This became evident in April 2022, when a mega blackout affected the island.

This event demonstrated that we cannot rely exclusively on a single source of energy, as any interruption in the power supply can have devastating consequences for the daily lives of residents and the operation of businesses.

The impact of not having alternative energy sources for power outages

The impact of prolonged power outages, such as those experienced after Hurricane Maria in 2017, is profound and long-lasting. Some areas of the island suffered blackouts lasting up to 8-10 months, negatively affecting the economy, public health, and residents’ quality of life.

These events are a wake-up call on the urgent need to diversify our energy sources and strengthen our electrical infrastructure to ensure greater resilience and reliability of power supply.

How to be prepared for blackouts

Investing in renewable energy technologies and energy storage systems, implementing microgrids and promoting energy efficiency are key steps to improve power system stability and reduce the risk of blackouts.

How to order fuel during hurricane season

In conclusion, the importance of having alternative energy sources for power outages in Puerto Rico is undeniable. To guarantee the optimal operation of your business and ensure an uninterrupted power supply, it is essential to have generators or power plants and always keep them up to date with their maintenance and supply.

Be prepared for power outages with American Petroleum

At American Petroleum, we specialize in the distribution of oils and fuels (gasoline and/or diesel) for residential, commercial and industrial generators, which are excellent alternative energy sources for power outages.

Regardless of the volume you need, we are prepared to serve you thanks to the great flexibility of our fleet of trucks.

Feel free to contact your Account Representative or visit our website at for more information and to understand how we can help keep your business running smoothly.

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