Puerto Rico, an island vulnerable to extreme weather events such as hurricanes, faces constant challenges in its energy infrastructure, marked by frequent outages and interruptions. For this reason, it is crucial to find sustainable solutions that ensure a continuous supply of energy, and hence the importance of energy cogeneration in Puerto Rico.

After the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Puerto Rico experienced massive outages, evidencing the urgent need for more resilient energy systems that improve energy reliability.

The role of energy cogeneration in Puerto Rico

Cogeneration, by diversifying energy sources and being applied in critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, and emergency services, can cushion the impact of future disasters and ensure uninterrupted supply.

In addition, cogeneration provides opportunities to improve energy efficiency by taking advantage of waste heat from electricity generation. This strategy not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels, but also lowers operating costs, making it financially viable.

Cogeneration in Puerto Rico also contributes to cost savings and emissions reduction by optimizing the use of local resources such as natural gas or solar thermal energy.

For example, for manufacturing companies, cogeneration not only helps in reducing costs, but also in guaranteeing a consistent operation, free of electricity interruptions that could have a negative impact on their production and, therefore, on the efficiency of their operation.

Energy cogeneration in the event of power outages

However, energy cogeneration in Puerto Rico is not only limited to the process in which electricity and usable heat are produced simultaneously from the same primary energy source; it also implies having not one, but two or three other energy alternatives to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply.

Energy alternatives

In the context of energy diversification and the transition to more sustainable sources, several alternative energy options are gaining popularity. Among these options are solar panels, natural gas, and diesel or gasoline-fueled power plants. Below, we will explore each of these options in detail:

Solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels are an increasingly attractive option for electricity generation, especially in regions with abundant solar radiation, such as Puerto Rico. These panels convert solar energy into electricity in a clean and renewable way.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source, which makes it an attractive option for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and mitigating climate change.

In addition, solar panels can be installed in a variety of locations, from residential rooftops to large solar farms, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

Natural gas

Natural gas is a versatile and relatively clean energy source that is widely used in power generation, heating and industrial applications and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants.

Natural gas production pipeline

In addition, gas-fired power generation technologies, such as combined cycle power plants, are highly efficient and can be adapted for use in cogeneration systems, where electricity and heat are produced simultaneously.

Diesel- or gasoline-fueled power plants

Power plants that run on liquid fuels such as diesel or gasoline remain an important source of energy and one of the most reliable.

Power plants that run on liquid fuels such as diesel or gasoline remain an important source of energy and one of the most reliable.

These plants are commonly used as a backup in case of power outages or as a source of energy in remote areas where the connection to the electrical grid is limited or non-existent.

American Petroleum, an energy cogeneration partner in Puerto Rico

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