At the crossroads of innovation and tradition, agricultural additives emerge as unsung heroes, boosting the productivity and sustainability of our farming practices.

These powerful, often overlooked allies play crucial roles in nourishing, protecting and revitalizing our lands, ensuring that the future of agriculture is as green as it is fertile.

Get ready to unravel the world of agricultural additives, where every grain of knowledge reveals how these essential components not only benefit our crops, but are also key to feeding the world sustainably.

Benefits of agricultural additives

Benefits of agricultural additives

Agricultural additives play several important roles in agriculture, among which the most important are:

  • Improved application. Agricultural additives are used to improve the quality and efficiency of the application of agricultural products, which facilitates their distribution and effectiveness in the field.
  • Modification of properties. These additives can modify specific properties of agricultural products, such as texture, viscosity and stability, which contributes to optimizing their performance and use.
  • Preservation. Some agricultural additives are intended to preserve the quality of agricultural products and extend their shelf life, helping to prevent alterations and losses.
  • Improving the effectiveness of agrochemicals. Agricultural adjuvants help improve the activity of agrochemicals, overcoming application, degradation and absorption barriers, which promotes their effectiveness in crop protection.

In summary, agricultural additives play a key role in improving the application and efficacy of agricultural products, as well as in preserving their quality and properties.

Functions and uses of agricultural additives

Most recommended agricultural additives

American Quality Lubricants offers various specialized agricultural products for agriculture, highlighting both its additives and its agricultural lubricants.

Specifically, the most recommended exclusive additives for the agricultural sector are:

  • Agricultural Spray Oil – Banana Spray Oil.
  • Agricultural Spray Oil w/3% emulsifier.

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