It’s important to know when to perform the tasks for a proper maintenance of electric generators.

We recently explained the steps and tips to make your generator last as long as possible. Now, we are going to complete that information by telling you how often you should perform inspections.

When to perform the maintenance of electric generators

The frequency will depend on the use of the electrical generator. This guide is intended for companies that use their generators on a constant basis, i.e., they are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In these cases, it is recommended to perform quick inspections every two weeks, a more thorough inspection on a monthly basis and a regular inspection every 6 months.

Bi-weekly inspection for maintenance of electrical generators

Every two weeks, you should perform an inspection on the machine with the generator in pause mode. First, start the alternator and keep the machine running for 5 minutes. It is important to avoid using the diesel generator for a long time if the battery is low. Then, check for faults or irregularities in its operation.

Bi-weekly inspection for maintenance of electrical generators

Monthly inspection for maintenance of electric generators

During the monthly inspection, you should make sure that the machine is with the generator in pause mode and make sure that it has never been used under load.

Then, you should start the alternator and let the machine run for 1-2 hours with a battery charge of no more than 50%. During this process, check the machine for any faults or abnormal operations.

Six-monthly inspection for maintenance of electric generators

In addition to weekly and monthly inspections, a semi-annual inspection is ideal. The steps to follow for the semi-annual electrical generator maintenance inspection are as follows:

  1. Verify the default protection device of the entire control system using an analog default method.
  2. Clean all battery exhaust outlets.
  3. Tighten all exhaust pipe connections.
  4. Tighten all electrical connectors.
  5. Start the machine to verify that all gauges on the control panel are working properly.

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What steps to take before starting an electric generator

An essential part of the maintenance of electric generators is to properly check the equipment before starting it up. Therefore, before starting the machine you should perform the following steps:

  1. Check the engine lubrication oil level.
  2. Make sure that all water drain valves are working properly.
  3. Check the cooling water level. The normal level should be 5 mm away from the water inlet (be sure to release the air to avoid blockages while filling the cooling water; after filling the water tank, check the level after 10 minutes).
  4. Check if the water tank and intercooler radiator are clogged. If necessary, clean them.
  5. Check the air filter resistance (when the red part is completely visible, change the air filter).
  6. Check fuel consumption. Drain the water from the precipitation separator and the oil-water separator.
  7. Make sure there are no water or oil leaks.
  8. Turn on the main switch (safety switch on the electrical panel).
  9. Verify that the diesel generator with mechanical governor is in “idle” mode.
  10. Check if there is any fault in the alarm light (press the alarm button, the diesel engine alarm light will turn on).
  11. Change the output switch of the electrical panel to “OFF” and check if the battery cable is loose.
  12. Perform cold start preheating which will be available after 50 seconds.
  13. After starting the engine, let it run at idle (1300-1500) for two minutes.

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