Fuel is a determining element for many companies. Precisely, the optimal operation and development of the company will depend on its quality. That is why it is necessary to have the services of the best distributor of fuel, gasoline, diesel and lubricants in El Salvador for companies.

American Petroleum is the leading company in the delivery and distribution of fuel and oil in El Salvador and the Caribbean. We offer all our customers the highest quality products for all types of equipment. The perfect formula for maximum efficiency and durability in machinery.

Fuel sales in El Salvador

We distribute fuel and all types of lubricating oils derived from petroleum to our customers. In this sense, we work with distributors, businesses, industrial customers and even government sectors in El Salvador. All this always with the best and most complete service.

We sell diesel, gasoline and lubricants in El Salvador. For this purpose, we have a large fleet of more than 60 trucks. Vehicles that have different capacities and volumes to be able to make any delivery adapted to the needs of our customers.

Gasoline and diesel sales in El Salvador

Gasoline sales in El Salvador

Without going any further, we are leaders in the distribution and delivery of gasoline in El Salvador. The gasoline we distribute thanks to a wide and varied fleet meets the highest quality standards. In this way, we can satisfy all the demands and requirements of our customers.

Quality gasoline is the perfect fuel to feed agricultural companies, automotive, heavy and hydraulic equipment, gas engines, passenger transportation, automatic transmission, turbines and compressors.

Gallon of gasoline in El Salvador

At American Petroleum we are specialists in the sale of gallons of gasoline (one gallon is equivalent to 3,785 liters). We adapt perfectly to the needs of each customer in order to supply the fuel they need.

The delivery will arrive at the place and time indicated in order to guarantee the maximum excellence and efficiency in the distribution of the product.

Diesel fuel sales in El Salvador

In our company, we also distribute ultra-low sulfur diesel. We sell and deliver this fuel for power plants, industrial installations of all types, fleets and heavy equipment, ships, etc. A product of the highest quality and with all the safety certifications for a correct and efficient delivery.

Lubricants sales in El Salvador

We can make our deliveries directly to the company’s generator, in storage tanks, by direct delivery in fleets of trucks or heavy equipment and even in ports or maritime units.

Lubricants sales in El Salvador

We are also the leading company in lubricants in El Salvador. We offer our customers the possibility to pick up the product in our own facilities or to make the delivery service wherever they indicate us.

Always with the full guarantee of attending the shipment and the sale of the lubricant in the agreed terms.

We distribute oil brands as well-known as Petro Canada Lubricants or Philips 66 Lubricants, as well as our private line American Quality Lubricants. All our lubricants are excellent for use and exploitation in both automotive and industrial sectors.

The best guarantee of confidence and security to have at your disposal the best lubricant in El Salvador and all the Caribbean.