The main service that American Petroleum offers in emergency situations and during hurricanes is the distribution of gasoline and/or diesel fuel to residential, commercial and industrial generators. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to get priority with us for fuel delivery in an emergency.

In addition, we provide lubricants and specialty products to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation of commercial operations. No matter the volume required and no matter the location, we at American Petroleum are prepared to meet your needs thanks to the great flexibility of our fleet of trucks.

4 key steps to ensure your fuel delivery in an emergency

To ensure fuel and product delivery in an emergency, it is important to follow these steps (more information on our emergency management page):

1. Know your account representative

It is crucial that you know your Account Representative, who handles your requests. During an emergency, the volume of requests can be high, so having an established relationship with your representative will expedite the delivery process.

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2. Make sure your account is active

We understand an “active” account to be an account that has received at least one delivery in the last 12 months to ensure that details of fuel delivery in an emergency are up to date and our drivers and field personnel are familiar with your facilities.

3. Make sure you have the necessary information when requesting a delivery

It is important to provide accurate information including gallonage and product needed, sleeve feet for delivery, exact location and address, payment/price confirmation and contact details.

4. Allow for delivery time in case of emergencies

In regular situations, a delivery can be requested 24 hours in advance, but in case of fuel delivery in an emergency, a minimum of 36 hours in advance is required to ensure timely delivery due to the high volume of calls and deliveries.

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Rely on American Petroleum for fuel delivery in an emergency

In emergency situations, many customers seek priority delivery. At American Petroleum, we value all of our customers. However, we follow protocols that prioritize critical sectors such as healthcare, food and government during periods of high demand.

Customers with active accounts and payments in good standing who request fuel delivery in an emergency in advance will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

The most important thing is to anticipate a possible emergency! Don’t wait until the last minute. At American Petroleum we provide you with all the necessary information and resources to ensure your supply at all times, contact us.