For logistical reasons, it is the right time for your company to purchase a new generator. In this situation, you have two main options depending on the fuel. To help you choose, we present this diesel vs gasoline electric generator comparison.

The number of hours of use, the industrial sector in which you work and the soundproofing of your facilities are important aspects to consider when buying a generator.

Diesel vs gasoline electric generator

A diesel electric generator is mainly designed for industrial and professional work. It can be used in factories and high power equipment, and is capable of meeting the energy demand of shopping malls, highways, construction sites, among others.

On the other hand, a gasoline electric generator is more common and optimal for domestic use and medium and large equipment. It is ideal for homes, cottages, small businesses, and more.

✅ Advantages of a gasoline electric generator

Electric gasoline generator

  1. They are more economical.
  2. They produce less noise.
  3. They are compact in weight and size.
  4. They require less maintenance (here you can read a complete guide on the maintenance of an electric generator).

❌ Disadvantages of a gasoline-powered electric generator

  1. Higher fuel consumption compared to diesel generators.
  2. The price of gasoline has become equal to that of diesel.
  3. Limited working hours per year.

✅ Advantages of a diesel electric generator

  1. Lower fuel consumption compared to gasoline engines.
  2. Lower waste fluctuations. They are more environmentally friendly and generate less damage to the environment.
  3. Accepted in places where gasoline generators have been banned due to the emissions they generate.
  4. Large number of operating hours per year.

Electric diesel generator

❌ Disadvantages of diesel electric generator

  1. Higher noise level compared to a gasoline-powered one, which may limit their installation in certain locations.
  2. Higher performance means that they are more complex to manufacture, which means that failures tend to be more serious.

American Petroleum supplies diesel or gasoline for your generator!

Beyond the existing differences between diesel vs gasoline electric generator, it is important to make sure your electric generator has the right volume of the highest quality fuel to operate efficiently.

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