Cogeneration with gas engines is emerging as a great option for companies looking for a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

Especially in Puerto Rico, where the electrical infrastructure is old and in poor condition, it is important to use cogeneration technologies to ensure business continuity without interruptions and reduce costs.

Natural gas reduces environmental impact without sacrificing efficiency. In addition, technological advances in these engines improve their performance and efficiency, making them more competitive and economical.

Petro-Canada’s SENTRON line of oils for cogeneration with gas engines

Petro-Canada’s SENTRON line of oils is positioned as an ideal solution for those who opt for cogeneration with gas engines, ensuring continuous production and significant savings, especially in the face of rising energy costs in Puerto Rico.

These products stand out for offering reliable performance and exceptional protection to gas engines and compressors, allowing companies to effectively face today’s energy challenges and prepare for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Energy cogeneration in the event of power outages

Specifically, within the line of SENTRON oils that can be used for cogeneration with gas engines, the following stand out:

  • Sentron LD 8000

It is a high-performance engine oil for heavy equipment or machinery designed to meet the demands of modern low-emission engines. It provides excellent protection against wear, deposits, and viscosity breakdown, ensuring optimum engine performance and long service life.

  • Sentron LD 5000

Designed to provide reliable protection for heavy equipment or machinery operating under severe conditions. Offers enhanced wear protection, deposit control, and oxidation resistance to maintain engine cleanliness and extend oil change intervals.

  • Sentron CG 40 Plus

This premium quality compressor oil is specially formulated for use in rotary and reciprocating screw air compressors. It provides superior oxidation stability, thermal resistance, and water separation properties, ensuring efficient operation and extended equipment life.


SENTRON line and the environment

Petro-Canada’s SENTRON products for cogeneration with gas engines are designed to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing environmental impact. Petro-Canada ensures that SENTRON formulations meet or exceed environmental standards, providing exceptional protection and efficiency for engines and machinery.

In addition, SENTRON’s advanced formulations are specially designed to optimize fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and carbon footprint during operation.

By minimizing friction and wear, these products contribute to longer engine life and reduced maintenance requirements, reducing environmental impact by conserving resources.

American Petroleum, your distributor of oils and lubricants for cogeneration with gas engines

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