The current diesel is a type of fuel that causes a very low percentage of polluting emissions. This is precisely one of the reasons why many companies are opting for diesel technology.  However, where can you buy diesel for companies at the best price?

Diesel is a type of liquid hydrocarbon that is composed mainly of kerosene’s. This fuel comes from the distillation and purification of crude oil. It is used, largely, as a heating fuel, for electricity generation and in the transportation sector for diesel engines.

How to buy diesel for companies

American Petroleum is the leading company in the delivery and distribution of fuel and oil in The Caribbean. The ideal company for all types of companies to acquire diesel fuel of the highest quality. A company that also characterizes by offering its customers the best service.

Without going any further, it offers maximum efficiency in each of its deliveries. Not in vain, it has a large fleet of vehicles with different volumes and capacities to adapt to the needs of any company. The most economical and safest option to buy diesel for companies in The Caribbean.

For power plants, industrial facilities, fleets, heavy equipment and ships

At American Petroleum, we supply the best diesel for different types of companies. We work with distributors, businesses, industrial customers and even government sectors. We deliver to industrial facilities as well as to the place they indicate us.

We distribute diesel for power plants with direct deliveries to the generator. We also have all the certifications to deliver to storage tanks and industrial facilities.

We use our own equipment to deliver directly to fleets of trucks or heavy equipment, and we have the required port permits to deliver to vessels.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for Businesses in Puerto Rico

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel for Businesses

One of the advantages of buying business diesel from our company is that we supply ultra-low sulfur diesel. A type of clean-burning diesel that contains up to 97% less sulfur than conventional diesel.

It is especially suitable for improving the performance of machinery that is more susceptible to sulfur damage.

In addition, a fuel greatly reduces pollutant emissions. This benefits the operation of machinery, engines, and results in more economical costs for the employer.