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Products and Services


American Petroleum Company, Inc. offers fuels, lubricants and automotive fluids. If you are interested in more information about our whole line of products and services please write to us at info@americanpetroleumpr.com or call at (787) 794-1985.




American Petroleum Company, Inc. is a distributor of gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and residual fuels in Puerto Rico. All fuels count with ASTM specifications and governmental regulations for US and Puerto Rico. Please see below for a complete line of products.


  • Premium Unleaded Gasoline 91

  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline 87

  • Diesel Fuel Ultra-low Sulfur

  • Kerosene

  • Fuel Oil #5

  • Fuel Oil #6

Lubricants and Fluids

American Petroleum Company, Inc. is the official distributor for Phillips 66 Lubricants in Puerto Rico as well as distributes Mag-1 chemicals and American Quality Lubricants. For more information about each lubricant line please click on the logo for the desired brand.




American Petroleum Co. Inc. provides different services that adjust to each of our customers’ needs. We are able to do fast and efficient deliveries by using our own truck fleet with tanks varying from a capacity of 500 up to 10,000 gallons.


1. Delivery to Fuel Storage Tanks

American Petroleum can deliver any volume to fuel storage tanks. Our delivery team and drivers possess all the security certifications and have received all safety trainings to make sure each delivery is pursued safely and efficiently.

2. Lubricants Delivery

American Petroleum Whether you need a quart of motor oil or 1,000 gallons of hydraulic oil, American Petroleum Co. Inc. is properly equipped to make any type of necessary lubricants delivery. We carry a complete line of lubricants under the Phillips 66 Lubricants brand, American Quality Lubricants, and Mag-1 chemicals.

3. Service Station Fleet Cards

Through our Service Station Fleet Card service, all of our customers that possess a fleet of vehicles can make fuel purchases at any American branded service station. Once the client has received approval to form part of our fleet card service program, pre-authorized drivers and employees will be able to refuel at any American branded service stations pre-approved by the client.

Carretera 865 Kilómetro 0.2 Toa Baja, P.R. 00949

(787) 794-1985


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